Refining your web sites could be difficult because you have to modify your code quite a lot in order to make your webpages function swifter. Nonetheless, you are able to greatly enhance your web site’s efficiency, without having to change anything at all in the backend. Thanks to the Site Accelerator Programs, integrated into the Online Control Panel, you could help your websites stream and perform faster than ever before. This won’t simply reward your end users (everyone loves the site they’re browsing to come up fast), but will in addition help your site climb higher in search engines.

Working with the Site Accelerator Programs is really uncomplicated. Merely log into your Online Control Panel and find out how each website accelerator functions.


RAM–storing as an alternative for database calls

If you’ve got a database–loaded site or web application, and if data–base queries usually tend to slow up the overall performance, this could be really discouraging to the site visitors and the application consumers. Finding a solution can typically require a lot of time. However, in the Online Control Panel, there’s an easy solution for you.

Memcached is a simple, yet highly effective memory–based object store, that collects information and objects in the RAM. Using this method, the database–stored info on your site will not need to be loaded every time a visitor opens the very same web page.

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RAM–saving as a substitute for HTTP queries

You’ll find many different methods to quicken a website, but the majority of them require a developer to reword the back–end code. Fortunately, there are more intuitive alternatives for quickening a web site, such as the Varnish web accelerator incorporated into’s Online Control Panel.

Varnish represents web application accelerator, which keeps HTTP calls inside the RAM and returns them to the visitor instead of expecting the hosting server to return them. Checks demonstrate that implementing Varnish on a website or an application typically hastens delivery times with a factor of 300 – 1000x. Varnish can also be tweaked how to deal with inbound queries – if they should be delivered by Varnish, by the hosting server, etc.

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Construct adaptable web applications effortlessly

Node.js delivers a modern encoding platform for forming flexible applications and sites in record time. It can be employed for just about everything – from controlling API calls, streaming information plus parsing email messages to transforming photographs, audio files, movies and office documents.

It is based on the Google V8 JavaScript engine and also utilizes an event–driven, non–blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and effective. Additionally, Node.js boasts a big assistance community that produces constant revisions to the system and is at all times able to help.

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